Loyola High School

Loyola High School is a Jesuits Founded Non- Government Co-education High School. It is situated in Kinondoni Municipality.

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Day of Awards

Awards’ Day is an important day in the calendar of Loyola High School. It is a day when we explicitly acknowledge the efforts and talents of those who are the reason for the presence of the school. Awards’ Day is the day we can say most explicitly that we, as the Loyola Community, consisting of students, staff and parents, see and appreciate the contribution that our students give into making our school what it is. The day is always marked on the second Saturday of the new academic year each January. Students are awarded for their performance and positive contribution into the life of the school for the previous academic year.

Awards’ Day is meant to encourage and challenge. It is meant to encourage all the students that when some work is well done, everyone sees and appreciates it. It is meant to encourage those who have made it to aim even higher, because that is what Magis requires. Magis is a familiar concept in Jesuit education which literally means “enough is not enough.” One can always do better!

However, Awards’ Day is meant to challenge also. It is meant to challenge every student to realize that nothing is impossible under the sun; what others have achieved, everybody else can achieve as well.

The Awards are structured to give a clear message that Loyola is a school which seeks to form men and women for others. Hence academic excellence is not the only thing that is recognized. Many awards are given to students excelling in areas that are not evaluated through examinations and tests, because life out there is not lived only by certificates and degrees but also by the heart and social skills.

The awards are in various categories. In these categories, the academic awards strictly follow the scores obtained by students over the previous academic year. The non-academic awards are given to students who have been evaluated by their peers and members of the staff. Normally, up to 160 awards are given every year to deserving students.

Among the non-academic awards are:- The Magis Award (the most prestigious of all the awards), which consists of one student from each form who combines all the ideals of Loyola High School, namely academic excellence, the spirit of being a person for others, friendly, active in extra-curricular activities, and so on. Other awards are such as Leadership Award, Co-curricular award, (e.g. participation in clubs, sports, etc.), Conduct Award; Smartness Award; Generosity Award etc.