Loyola High School

Loyola High School is a Jesuits Founded Non- Government Co-education High School. It is situated in Kinondoni Municipality.

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What is the Loyola Parents-Teachers' Association (PTA)?

The Loyola Parent-Teacher’s Association (PTA) is an association which brings together parents and teachers of Loyola High School with the aim of strengthening the achievements of the school through common understandings between teachers, parents and the school administration.

The association was formed in 2004 by the headmaster of Loyola High School, Rev Fr. Jerome Manyahi, S.J. The first chairperson of the association was Madam Theopista Zimbihile who was later succeeded by Mr. Camillius Kasala, Mrs Daria Tesha, Mr Tawata Mapunda and Eng.Jeremay Uisso (the current chairperson), respectively.

Throughout its existence in Loyola the association has had a lot of successes such as:

  • It has served as a platform for discussion between parents and teachers for encouraging classes which face national examinations (Form II, IV and VI);
  • Common understanding and voice towards any deviant behaviour exercised by students;
  • Initiating the move for the construction of girls’ hostel in Mabibo;
  • Gathering of all parents for sharing ideas, reports and relevant issues which require dialogue between parents and the school.
  • Full participation of parents in school affairs including motivating and retaining teachers at the school.
  • Monthly meetings of the PTA central committee for discussing burning issues or matters which require immediate attention.
  • Meetings between each class and parents whereby the latter a represented by a male and a female parent, to discuss the situation faced by students; and the reports are eventually submitted to the school administration.
  • PTA holds two General Meetings in a year, one in April and the other in October. Apart from the two meetings, there is a monthly meeting of the PTA central committee which is composed of three representatives for each class namely a teacher, a male parent and a female parent, together with the school administration. The aim is to ensure that the feedback that reaches the parent on day-to-day basis through their children is fed back immediately to the school for action.


This is a fund started in 2010 by the Parent-Teachers’ Association. It is supported by the parents each of whom contributes about Tsh. 5,000/= per year per each child who is studying at the school. The fund is designated to support children who become orphaned after joining the school, and thus risk dropping out of school because of the death of their parents. So far the fund has been able to benefit a number of children.