Loyola High School

Loyola High School is a Jesuits Founded Non- Government Co-education High School. It is situated in Kinondoni Municipality.

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Loyola studentís council (LOSCO) is an independent body outside the students Government Council (SGC). It is an organ having different roles to play. The main role is to act as a bridge between the students, SGC, teaching and non teaching staff and the school administration.

Losco's Policy:

To make life at Loyola community the best by providing the most conducive environment in all aspects namely academically, socially, discipline wise and health wise.

Structure of Losco:

LOSCO is made up of twelve (12) councillors who are elected from their classes (HDP to Form Six) during the general election.

Though this structure can adopt some minor changes but still the principle structure it should always remain fixed. New posts can be established by the new office, but only if they are officially acknowledge and approved by the school administration.

Objective of Losco

To collect and analyze as many students problems as possible and to find possible solutions for the problems.

LOSCO acts as a link between students and the school administration.

To solve minor (sometimes major) misunderstanding between students and sometimes between teachers and students. This also involves peer to peer counselling.

To initiate different projects under its office as a way of solving students problems i.e. boys forum and school barazas.

To organize and conduct all forms of class meetings held on monthly basis in each class.

LOSCO isnít there to solve studentís problems only, but itís involved in shaping students behaviour so as they can live according to the rules and regulations of the Loyola community.

To monitor all the activities done by the SGC, to see that its members go by the rules, regulations, duties and responsibilities entrusted to them by the community.

The modality of work is through counselling session, holding different council meetings for discussing different matters facing the Loyola community, in order to come up with suggestions, opinions and strategies which will lead to a conducive environment for studying and making Loyola a wonderfully family.

To fulfil these objectives, LOSCO opens its doors to all students, teaching and non-teaching staff to freely express their problems, fears, wishes, desires and expectations have at Loyola community. LOSCO gives chance to the mentioned group to express views when they fear consulting the respective authority.