Loyola High School

Loyola High School is a Jesuits Founded Non- Government Co-education High School. It is situated in Kinondoni Municipality.

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The Dar es salaam Carholic Secondary School Association (DACASSA)

DACASSA ACTIVITIES: As an Association, DACASSA will take the Joint Examinations for Catholic Schools (JECAS) as its chief (but not exclusive) activity. Other activities of the association will include Inter-Schools Sports and Games Competitions; Debates, Essay competitions; Staff Development Programs; and any relevant activities that enhance the learning of students and development of staff as shall be judged by the member schools.


  1. To promote, defend and safeguard the objectives of Catholic education.
  2. To share educational experiences.
  3. To prepare our students to face the challenges of the National Examination.
  4. To bring our students and staff of members schools close to each other.

To foster the relationships between the member schools.