Loyola High School

Loyola High School is a Jesuits Founded Non- Government Co-education High School. It is situated in Kinondoni Municipality.

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The Kiswahili department has four teachers who teach Kiswahili subject from Form one to Form six. All students from Form one to Form four are taught Kiswahili while in Form five and Form six, only a few students study this subject based on the combinations they choose to specialize on.

The teachers use their skills and different techniques to help the students to perform well in this subject such as through giving them enough exercises. All the students perform very well in the Kiswahili subject.

The Kiswahili department encourages all the people anywhere they are to have a passion to learn and honour Kiswahili.

Activities of the department

  1. To teach students Kiswahili as the National language
  2. To hold departmental meetings pertaining to the teaching, its success and difficulties which as the department faces. Moreover we evaluate the perfomance of students in the subject. This caters the internal and external examination results.
  3. Participating in subject panel meeting venue. The teachers share their experiences and challenges with other teachers coming from different schools in the Kinondoni District.

Number of staff: 4 Teachers