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Loyola High School is a Jesuits Founded Non- Government Co-education High School. It is situated in Kinondoni Municipality.

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A Life without History is meaningless.

An intriguing question one can have in mind is, how can life be meaningful without History? Some people think in most cases that history concerns only about the study of the past facts yet its pertinent to note that history is made lived and detected.

Born and given life one has to know and get in touch with her/his history about the birth date. As for adventurous lovers, one to travel has to verify with proper documents like passports that portrays the historical information.

Imagine working in an organization where, the director has not kept any of the workers’ document to verify that his/her employee, has ever been working in her organization., no CV , no letter of application archived, no record whatsoever. Is it not a meaningless life without history?

As it may sound so ancient, some old people would be asked of their dates of birth, and would simply describe such meaningful date in life by the use of events. For instance, I was born when Mwl. Julius Nyerere became a president, during the Maji Maji war, or even during the First World War. Although this marks an era of oral tradition, people saw and new the importance and meaning of history in life and therefore made it so interesting to keep records a key to meaningful life.

According to different fields of studies depend entirely on what history was, what it is and what it will be. Imagine in geography we talk of volcanic eruption, its occurrence and perhaps its re-occurrence in any volcanic land, without forgetting that this is part of history making life meaningful. A lot of discoveries have been made for many years ago, still are being made and many more will be yet to be discovered only making life interesting and meaningful !What an incredible meaning history does in our life!!

A wonder of how life without history can be meaningless catches our glimpse in critical thinking, reflection, analyzing , synthesizing , making an appreciative inquiry ( evaluation) and comprehensively trying to understand that , we make history, live and detect it. In all these, an impressive and meaningful life should be planned, created and worked for knowing that when history is made , it may not be reversible .Enjoy history ,see history in daily realities by critically looking at issues of life, interpret all the events in your life make good judgment and you will live a deeper and meaningful life of your own History.


A focus for developing challenging and critical thinking of the Tanzanian intellectuals.


Implementing strategic institutional development projects in partnership with other departments.

Serve and equip our students with right knowledge and skills for better future.

The main objectives of History Department

Identification of potential and non potential academic abilities in students.

Development of team work spirit

To educate students with a view to their intellectual expansion, social, adequacy, physical development, aesthetic appreciation and cultural valued environment.

To put Loyola High School on a sustainable path of stable profitability to achieve a minimum return on equity of at least 30% by 2013

Improving history results every year that passes.

The objectives of the department are as follows:

To create intensive academic visits of Historical sites that will embed learners with basic, life and fundamental knowledge of historical phenomena and train them with all basic qualities of the tour.

To create more quiz sessions amongst students for better understanding of the History content.

Attending more seminars on how to improve the performance of History Subject as a whole.

To make history exhibitions with help of students.

Activities of the Department

  1. The stuff members supervise students in their total learning activities of history through teaching, leading student to conduct study tours to historical places, meeting resourceful personnel and conducting searching of historical findings through assignments, report writing (projects) and discussions.
  2. To conducting testing and evaluation for promotional purposes. This is done by administering of assignments, exercises, examinations and case studies of different matter in history subject according to their relevant level.
  3. Providing guidance and counseling to student in their career and social issues.
  4. The members of history department assists trainees who are allocated in the department for their field work. Members assigns period to these trainees and supervise them in their day to day fieldwork at school.
  5. nvitation of guest speakers in school in order to share their experience in their relevant subject matter. Furthermore the members facilitate study tours for topics which necessitate the use of field visit in order to learn.
  6. To write report, evaluations and appraisals for the good performance of the students, also about challenges which face the department.
  7. Keeping academic records of the department and any departmental issue which is linked with history.

Number of staff: 5 Teachers