Loyola High School

Loyola High School is a Jesuits Founded Non- Government Co-education High School. It is situated in Kinondoni Municipality.

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Biology department is committed to provide not only knowledge in terms of biological principles but also to nurture the desire of students to become aware and responsible of their future, as scientists or furthermore researchers. For this, teaching is learner-cantered, integrating theories and practical works. Students are encouraged to understand diversity and complexity of living organisms, to be able to explain relationship existing between them as well as essential biological processes occurring in the living world.

We have 2 biology laboratories, one for O level and another for A level, a fish pond, garden and different trees around the school. This helps student to observe, admire and respect the nature. Students are exposed to the reality and today’s challenges such as HIV/AIDS, current diseases, environmental changes and ecological conservations. Therefore, the openness of their mind and spirit allows them to gain enough knowledge and scientific competence as well as well positive attitudes for sustainable development.

The scientific curiosity, the “going further still” is the base of learning and improvement of comprehension of biological principles, discovering and understanding harmonically laws which lead the biological processes. More significantly, we encourage spirit of observations, critical thinking and logical analysis, commitment to work and scientific spirit.

Activities of the department

  1. To prepare biology Exhibition in and out of the school.
  2. Taking care of the area reserved for botanical garden.
  3. To prepare/conduct biology practical for both ordinary level and advance level.
  4. To make sure biology as a subject is taught according to the syslabus
  5. To suggest the ways of conserving the environment in the school.
  6. To supervise students on biological projects.
  7. To take care of fish pond and rat house of the school.

Number of staff: 5 Teachers