Loyola High School

Loyola High School is a Jesuits Founded Non- Government Co-education High School. It is situated in Kinondoni Municipality.

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  • Jesuits Educaction

    The Jesuits have seen the training of religious and lay believers as core to their mission for more than 400 years. The order's form of education is based on the experience and life of the Spanish founder of the order, Ignatius Loyola.A lay Catholic, he developed the "Spiritual Exercises," a devotional guide to a more complete love of God.

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  • Student Life

    Loyola High School focuses on holistic formation of students so as to produce young people who are both academic and human excellent.

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  • Parent Teachers(PTA)

    A parent-teacher association (PTA) is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school.

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